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This is a very unique and very creative form of coaching, starting with a 12 week foundation coaching package. Coaching can then continue in the most suitable way to support the boundaryless evolution of your exciting new life.

When you work with me, you’ll discover that by “Designing”, we dive far deeper than mere goal setting and so evoke long-term passions and purpose, resulting in a far more meaningful life.

So just like an architect might design a sensational new building, my greatest passion is working with clients to help them design a sensational new future keeping their Life-Purpose in mind, whether they are a 30 year old Silicon Valley multi-millionaire, or an executive about to retire, who doesn’t want to stop working.

Together, we’ll elicit the magic you have deep down so you can create boundaryless “make a difference” possibilities for years ahead in this complex 21st century world.

You can find out how it all works in my Conscious Change Series Book #8 ~ Conscious Life-Purpose: Live a Meaningful Life by “Making-a-Difference” for Greater Happiness, Love, and Success

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in working with me just send me an email briefly (maximum 500 words) explaining your situation so I can invite you to a FREE 15–30-minute Strategic Insight zoom call, if appropriate.


SUBJECT LINE: Designing Your Future



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