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Occasionally, I have space available for my exciting INVITATION ONLY coaching packages called

Designing Your Future

When you work with me, you’ll discover that by Designing, we dive far deeper than mere goal setting and so evoke long-term passions and purpose, resulting in a far more meaningful life.

So just like an architect might design a sensational new building, my greatest passion is working with clients to help them design a sensational new future—in creating a new career, within their current business operation, when it’s time for serious change, or instead of retirement!

Together, we’ll elicit the magic you have deep down so you can create boundaryless “make a difference” possibilities for years ahead in this complex 21st century world.

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Your Online Workshop

Crucial Keys to Aid Your Understanding of PTSD

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This workshop will be online, 24/7, from late-2024

and is my contribution to community understanding.

The investment of only $US47 is so that virtually everyone can benefit.

Crucial Keys to Aid Your Understanding of PTSD is not only for the sufferers of PTSD.  

But even more importantly, it’s also for the family and friends of PTSD sufferers, and those who might have work related professional connections with those who could be PTSD sufferers. For example, those in the legal, medical, and coaching fields.

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Until people understand more about PTSD ~ no one will will fully recover


Dr Kashonia Carnegie


I’m a Moral Philosopher with a PhD in what is now known as the Ethics of Conscious Change; I have a 45+ year background in Behavioural Science with a special focus on Leadership, Change Management, and PTSD; and am the author of the multi-award winning Conscious Change Series of Books and their prequel Brainwashed.

To get to know me even better, my values are definitely reflected, below, in the various images on this home page.

In decades gone by I caught wild donkeys in Australia’s harsh Outback to stop them being killed as vermin.

Then in the early 1970s, I was selected from hundreds of candidates to become Australia’s 1st female oil company representative. In that role my duties were those of a Leadership & Business Coach before the label “coaching” in relation to business was even thought of.

In addition, I inherently engaged in what turned out to be a very successful form of conscious business and conscious leadership coaching before the conscious label in relation to ethical business was ever thought of either.

From there I spent 14 years as a talk-radio broadcaster. And using Conscious Communication skills I won Australia’s top broadcasting award,  before commencing my academic journey. This included the teaching of MBA level Conscious Intelligence Competencies, Leadership, and Change Management in universities in Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

My two greatest passions are:

(1) Working with clients to help them design their sensational new future

(2) To facilitate the transformation of women and men alike into conscious leaders of change, so that they can, in turn, transform into conscious leaders everyone they connect with, resulting in us all working to transform this planet of ours into a truly peaceful, loving, and sustainable world.

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Conscious (Ethical) Change is all about a focus on We NOT Me

Wenot Me

Conscious Change is about a focus on

We not ME

 It’s about giving your life meaning, purpose, and so happiness by supporting, contributing to, or making a difference to some person or cause outside of your own life, at home, in the community, in your business, and across the Planet, and beyond.

It’s Conscious Change for an Ethical Business, Life, and World

The "We NOT Me" Conscious Change Series of Books

Nine of the ten books in the Conscious Change Series are now available on Amazon.

1. Conscious Change for an Ethical Business, Life, and World:An Introduction to Conscious We not Me Change and the Conscious Change Series in Review 

2.  Conscious Intelligence Competencies: Taking Emotional Intelligence to the Next Level for Our 21st Century World of Relationships ~ with Yourself & Others, in Business, with the Planet & Beyond

3.  Conscious Self-Discovery: Your Key to a Happy, Loving, and Successful Life by Enriching Your Relationship with Yourself

4.  Conscious Leadership Today:  Designing Your Exciting New Future for our Complex 21st Century World ~ DUE OUT 2025

5. Conscious Love: Cultivating a Consciousness of Virtue-Based Love for a Peaceful, Loving, and Sustainable World

6. Conscious Gratitude: A Love-in-Action Virtue for Happiness, Health, and Loving Relationships at Home, at Work, and around the World

7. Conscious Change through Positive Feminine-Energy: The Link Between COVID, Climate Change, Gen Z, and the Rise in the Status of Women

8. Conscious Life-Purpose: Live a Meaningful Life by “Making a Difference” for Greater Happiness, Love, and Success

9.  Conscious Happiness 101: Make Happiness a Habit with Positive Psychology, Play, Laughter, and Mindfulness Meditation

10.Conscious Longevity:  How to Live a Healthier, Happier, and Longer Life with an Understanding of Beneficial Nutrition and Appropriate Exercise ~ PLUS a Review of Exercise at Home Equipment

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The True Story Series of Books

Book 1 ~ the Prequel to the Conscious Change Series with

10 International Book Awards

Brainwashed: The True Story of Psychological Domestic Abuse and the PTSD Aftermath

Book 2 ~ The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of PTSD:The True Story of the Day I was Arrested 

DUE OUT Late 2024


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