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If you’ve been following my work for some years you might remember my Raising Love Consciousness teleseminars.  Well, I’ve now written a very special book called Raising Love Consciousness.

Inspired in part by my Doctoral Dissertation, Heart-Centred Virtue Ethics: Raising Ecological Consciousness in Organisations (2000), my latest book, Raising Love Consciousness, which is due out in November this year, takes emotional intelligence to a whole new level.  Filled with inspiring thought-provoking activities, it focuses on love-as-a-virtue, and takes you step-by-step from a journey of personal discovery to genuinely (love-as-a-virtue) loving actions on all levels.

I’d love you to call in to my Raising Love Consciousness website – http://www.RaisingLoveConsciousness.com – and fill in the form so I can let you know as soon as it hits the market.




This video is brilliant and a must watch.

Just runs for 1.21 mins

Thanks Get Up.

Despite being a strong Labor supporter for most of my adult life, I was so excited and pleased when Malcolm Turnbull got the PM Guernsey last year.

But like most Australians, I’ve been extremely disappointed with his performance, to put it mildly.

In his defence, it was because of his anti-right wing views and leadership style that he lost the leadership of the Liberal party back in 2009 and so all I can think is that he’s making sure that doesn’t happen again by kowtowing to the far right at every corner. BUT that’s not why the Australian public were so pleased to have him elected last year. And just because you’ve been kicked once doesn’t mean you have to remain a wimp for the rest of your life. Goodness I’d be dead if I stayed down after each kicking I’ve had in my life.

In 1997 I was elected inaugural Chair of the Queensland branch of the Australian Republic Movement and so got to know Malcolm Turnbull personally then. And the man we’ve been seeing over the last 7 months is NOT the REAL Malcolm Turnbull.

All I can hope is that suddenly, so close to an election, he’ll realise that it’s too close for the far right to kick him out again and suddenly the “REAL MALCOLM” will emerge and bring in a raft of policies that we’ve been expecting. Like scrap this ridiculous plebiscite and just bring in the same sex marriage law like the rest of the world. And speak up ONCE AGAIN on major climate change action. Etc etc.



Adam Garcia is a judge on Britain’s “Got To Dance”. The clip is self-explanatory except for the fact that Adam played the lead, John Travolta, role in the original London production of Saturday Night Fever (1998-1999). I just love the way the moment Adam hears the song begin he can’t help but start the hand movements that go with the song. And twelve years after the production closed, Adam is still able to get up cold and the dance comes automatically. Just shows how the Saturday Night Fever moves were totally habituated.

Oh and the backing track was actually sung by Adam too. In 1999 it was released as a single and got to number 15 on the UK charts.



I know it’s been ages since we last “spoke”, but I’ve been on an amazing personal journey. Initially writing a life-changing book that I decided not to publish because I wanted to let-go and close the door and on the content; and now I’m working on my most exciting project yet – www.CreatingHappinessToday.com due for release towards the end of this year.

But today, I’m writing to tell you about a fascinating book, Worship of Hollow Gods, that’s just been published by my dear friend Dr. James (Jim) Sniechowski. It’s a compelling novel based on a true story that has triggered a great deal of thought for many people.

It’s currently available on Amazon in Kindle and print versions.
You can check it out now by going to Amazon at http://tinyurl.com/hollowgods14

Following is a short description of Worship of Hollow Gods with a number of very impressive reviews at the end.


Worship of Hollow Gods by James Sniechowski PhD

In Worship of Hollow Gods James Sniechowski bears witness to the world of a sensitive, nine-year-old boy, subjected to the underbelly of his Polish Catholic family in working class Detroit. The year is 1950. The family gathers for a Friday night family poker/pinochle party. The outcome reveals a world no one ever talked about then and are forbidden to talk about now—the unspoken, the impermissible, the veiled reality behind every family’s practiced appearance—and what lies waiting when the front has been ripped away.

Sniechowski unsparingly yet compassionately evokes the temptations, trials, and tactics of the family characters while revealing the hollow gods they worship without knowing it.

Readers, no matter where in the world, will be prompted if not pushed to confront the hollow gods that reside, like living ghosts, in the unseen of their own family’s way of life, the invisible that sources and shapes their beliefs and behaviors.

Worship of Hollow Gods dredges up familial bonds that grip and hold tight, unconsciously dictating our destiny. It is story telling at its caring and compelling best.



James Sniechowski’s poignant snapshot of growing up in a Polish-Catholic family in Detroit shows how the disappointments, beliefs and events of the past seep into the marrow of future generations. Within our bones dwell the struggles of our ancestors, which we carry throughout our lives. It is a haunting portrait of the power of familial bonds that forever hold us tight and shape our destiny.
— Susan Heim, co-editor “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Women”


I can barely move after reading your story. I was crying, nearly overwhelmed by all the anguish and heartbreak. Worship of Hollow Gods is a masterpiece. Everyone should read it because everyone has lived it, each in a singular way, and by reading it they’ll be better able to understand, and maybe even forgive and love.
— Art Klein, Best-Selling Book of the Month Club Author and former Vice President of Marketing for The New York Times Corporation


I’m reluctant to call Worship of Hollow Gods a literary novel, but it is from the standpoint of language, language that is fresh and new, colorful and extraordinary, but never cliché or ordinary. It is a beautiful appreciation of the power of words to evoke images. Hollow Gods is a rich look at the family dynamics of a family joined not by love and kinship but bound together by duty and heritage. Although Sniechowski’s book is very hard to slip into a genre, it’s unputdownable. Begin reading The Hollow Gods and you’ll find you cannot stop. It is that good. I can highly recommend this as a wonderful evocative read.
— Billie A. Williams, Best-Selling, Award Winning Mystery/Suspense Author


From the soul of a nine year old boy comes the tale of a family few will ever come to know without reading this wonderful story. Sniechowski is a surprisingly talented writer, already a master of ticklish phrasing that makes a novel special.
— Kevin Gerard – award winning author of the Diego’s Dragon fantasy series


Most families take their dark underbelly for granted, but Sniechowski takes us inside the mystery of his own early roots and compels us to enter into the experience. Flawlessly written with compassion and ferocity, it’s a soul-stirring read.
— Kyla Nelson, Santa Monica, CA


Throughout the book the author, James Sniechowski, opens avenues that the reader may relate to in their own family – their beliefs, behaviors, and realities that bind or cause rifts between family members. Towards the end of the story I began to understand the author’s choice of title and how one can relate to this family and their relationships. This is definitely a recommended read.
— Dee Owen – bookread-mumswritings.blogspot.com


You can go now and check out Worship of Hollow Gods on Amazon at



Meanwhile, I’ll get back to you with more on my Happiness Project when I’m a little further advanced with its preparation.




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